The Day After

It’s the proverbial day after a team’s season ends, but I can’t help but wonder what led to the sudden exit of the Texas Rangers.

I mean seriously. This isn’t going to be remembered as one of the biggest collapses in history, such as the Atlanta Braves in 2011, but it should.

The Rangers went into Oakland needing just one win in the final three games of the season. One freaking win, and they couldn’t do it against a team that batted .238 in the regular season.

Texas also won only four games in the last thirteen literally limping into the playoffs. Seven of those games came against Oakland in which Rangers only won 2. Simply unacceptable.

I’v seen other statistics out there, and they are mind-boggling.

Josh Hamilton’s time has come to a close as far as I’m concerned. I’ve got no doubt there’s something going on in his personal life which explains the recent slump, but that doesn’t change anything.

Too many “it’s going to be something weird” quotes and situations culminating in the dropped fly ball in the last game of the season. Too many hot and cold streaks for my liking too.

I’d much rather see next year with a platoon of outfielders. Craig Gentry and possibly Leonys Martin I believe could handle the duties, or at least deserve a shot.

My only other complaint is on Ron Washington. This guy is the epitome of another Barry Switzer. Ron Washington is maybe a slightly above average manager who has been surrounded by tremendous talent.

He’s had three attempts in the playoffs now and no luck. I do give him credit for getting the Rangers to the World Series twice. A team has to have an average manager to do that.

However, Washington has made one consistent mistake over the years. He doesn’t know how to manage the bullpen. Starting pitcher Derrick Holland was brought in relief during the last regular season game and last night in the Wild-Card Game.

That’s an easy rule to remember as far as I’m concerned. You don’t mess with a psyche of a pitcher, let alone moving him from starter to reliever. Remember that was Holland’s problem a few years ago which I believe slowed his development.

Relievers are meant to be relievers so use them. It wasn’t like the Rangers didn’t have options either.

I’ve got no issues with Washington keeping Jurickson Profar on the bench, but he’s certainly going to be something talked about next year. He deserves a spot on the 2013 roster somewhere.

I hate to see him on the bench, but I don’t think he’s going to get any better in the minors either. He’s only 19 right now too.

It’s early, but he could be a Rookie of the Year candidate next year if he’s given a chance to play. That’s not going to be easy with a loaded infield.

It’s unfortunate my October schedule cleared up overnight, but this team will be back nexschedulet year. The Rangers are still a playoff caliber team, and with a few moves they can easily be back in the World Series.